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When it comes to paver installation and repair, you can count on the experts at Phoenix Driveway Repair. We have years of experience in the industry, and our team is dedicated to providing quality workmanship on every job.

We specialize in all types of paver repairs, from small cracks and chips to the complete replacement of pavers. No matter what type of repair you need, we will work with you to find a solution that fits your budget and your needs.

We also offer paver sealing services to protect your investment. Our sealers are designed to resist staining and fading, and they will help to keep your pavers looking new for years to come.

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Why Pavers?

There are many reasons why you might want to consider using pavers on your driveway. One of the most popular reasons is that they offer a unique and stylish look that can really add curb appeal to your home. Pavers come in a wide variety of colors, textures, and sizes, so you can easily find an option that will complement the existing style of your home. In addition, pavers are very durable and long-lasting, so you won’t have to worry about them cracking or breaking over time.

Another reason to use pavers on your driveway is that they offer excellent drainage. The raised design of pavers helps to ensure that water will drain quickly and efficiently away from your driveway, preventing pooling and flooding.

Finally, pavers are easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a simple hose and brush. You won’t have to worry about spending hours power washing or scrubbing your driveway – a quick rinse with the hose will do the trick. Plus, if any pavers become damaged, they can easily be replaced without having to redo the entire driveway.

Should I replace my pavers or repair them?


Pavers are a popular choice for outdoor walkways and patios because they are durable and can withstand heavy traffic. However, even pavers require some maintenance to keep them looking their best. Regular cleaning and sweeping will help remove dirt and debris, and a sealant can be applied every few years to protect the pavers from staining and fading.

Typically, repairing your pavers is less expensive than replacing them. They can be restored to look brand new if they are in excellent structural condition and you still love the color and design. However, if you are sick of looking at the old design and are looking for something completely new, you will want to replace your pavers. 

Knowing the foundation’s history and how it was originally built is vital. If the pavers are shifting a lot and extensive areas have settled or heaved, you might have a big issue with the base. If this is the case, any repairs will only be temporary and will continue to fail. 

Keep in mind that any paver patio, walkway, or driveway is a complex system that must be built carefully and strategically to give long-lasting beauty with minimum upkeep. 

You will want to have a professional team, like Phoenix Driveway Repair, come to your location and do a detailed inspection. It is important to have the driveway or walkway thoroughly examined in order to find the root of the problems. 

If you only need a few pavers fixed, it should be a quick and painless repair. But, if the original builders took shortcuts and you find problems in the roots, it may be best to tear up the pavers and redesign your space. 

How to maintain pavers?


While pavers are a great long-term option and they are very durable and sturdy, they too need maintenance to get the best life out of them. If you take care of them, you shouldn’t need to replace them for a very, very long time. 

Basic maintenance to include in your routine only includes a couple of things. First, bring out that old course broom and give your pavers a good sweep to keep the dirt and debris off. If you choose to power wash your pavers, make sure not to use too high of a setting, it could possibly expose the aggregate under the surface. 

Periodically it is a good idea to apply a granular weed preventative between the pavers so that weeds don’t try to grow through and separate the pavers.

For a maximum of two applications, sealers should not be used more than once every three years. A film may form on the surface if too many applications are made.

The joints between paving stones are the most vulnerable point of any installation. To avoid the sand-bedding layer below from crumbling, keep these joints filled with jointing sand.

Even with proper maintenance, anything can happen. So if your pavers need to be repaired or replaced, just give Phoenix Driveway Repair a call, and we are happy to help out.